Kevin McLaughlin

My name is Kevin McLaughlin and welcome to my little website. I love learning and reading about the newest innovations, talking business process & strategy, and mostly anything marketing related. I’m especially interested in the business of sports and the marketing partnerships that are formed through them. In addition to sports marketing, the growth of social media marketing over the last decade fascinates me. Social media is an absolute necessity for marketing in today’s world. The reach is massive and yet can be a singular response to a specific person. It has become the biggest form of unsolicited feedback for companies as well as a way to engage consumers like never before. These are just my main interests in the marketing world so check out my blog for some of my musings on these topics and many more!

If you’re looking for someone to join your team full time, I would be excited to hear about it. Looking for someone to help grow your company’s social media presence or handle some of your marketing problems? I’m your guy.